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Welcome to the WEconomy Trends that depict the future

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Welcome to the WEconomy Trends that depict the future

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28 mrt. 2018 13:00 – 17:00
Aula Q.C

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Program: Lecture and Debate (1h30min) followed by Workshop (1h30min)

Our world is socially, institutionally, and economically in turmoil. This is generally referred to

as a transition: a period of fundamental change lasting several decades. In this first seminar,

(one out of three) an overview will be provided of seven corresponding so-called ‘slow’

trends. These are trends that will mark the next decade. Together, these trends will shape

our future economy in an unforeseen way. This future economy is called the WEconomy.

Based on this concept of a WEconomy, several scenarios will be brought forward that might

or might not emerge in the near future. At the end of this seminar, it will be argued that the

rise of the WEconomy implies a changing perception on value creation and business

strategies. As a whole, this leads to fundamental changes in business models.

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