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The world needs you! Come join Enactus VUB and be the change….


Are you a student at the VUB? Do you want to try something new? Are you eager to make a positive impact? Are you entrepreneurial and do you love working in teams? Do you want to build out-of-classroom skills and build a network for your future career? Then Enactus is for you!


During the Kick-off,  current Enactus VUB students will share their projects and experiences. Last year, the team worked on old mattress recycling and turning spent coffee ground into wonderful body scrubs.  At the event, they will present their first ideas for this year’s projects.


We'd also love to hear from you! What worries you, what would you like to work on?  Is it climate change, healthcare, poverty, or the circular economy? We will discuss how you can leave a positive impact through social and sustainable entrepreneurship. You’ll find out what Enactus has to offer you and how you can join the Enactus VUB team!


During this Kick-Off you will also get to know the ecosystem for supporting student social entrepreneurs at the VUB, with short presentations on the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship and ELANET.


Register for the Kick-off and start your Enactus adventure! A light lunch will be provided….and we are very eager to avoid food waste...





14 October 2021

11:00 - 13:00



Onsite: D2.O1 Promotion Room VUB

Online: Zoom: Meeting ID: 826 4878 3667 | Passcode: VUB



Welcome by the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship and Enactus!


How does the VUB support student social entrepreneurs? An intro to the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship and the ELANET project. By Prof. dr. Nikolay Dentchev.


What is Enactus? What’s in it for you? Why join?


Enactus VUB: student testimonials.


The world needs you! Interactive game & discussion on what you can do to make a positive impact!


Enactus VUB: revealing plans for this year...


Q&A – what does it take to join Enactus? Who can join? How much time does it take? Can I start a new project, or do I join an existing one? 


Light lunch will be provided!

Enactus is the world's largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision—to create a better, more sustainable world.


Check our Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin page for upcoming events and projects or go to our website for more information!
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