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Nikolay A. Dentchev

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Nikolay is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Vrije Universiteit  Brussel (VUB), Belgium. He is the chair holder of the Solvay Business School (VUB), Chair for Social Entrepreneurship (founded in 2015 by Wolters Kluwer, Close The Gap and Euroclear) at the VUB and coordinator of NV Actief (KBC, Trividend, and Unizo) at KU Leuven. These two initiatives focus on encouraging social and student entrepreneurship.

Philippe Eiselein

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Ph.D. student (2015-2020)

Social Entrepreneurship Business Models


Philippe has been working on the business models of social entrepreneurs and their scaling capabilities.


Implementing both qualitative and quantitative research, he's looking at how social entrepreneurs manage their growth strategies, conflicting objectives, stakeholders and financial performance. 

His research has been presented over a dozen of international conferences, and is currently in the submission and review phase of the PhD.

Abel Diaz Gonzalez

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Ph.D. student  (2016-2020)

Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and Networks


Abel has been working on the social entrepreneurship ecosystems and their support networks.


His research focuses on how to develop/build supportive ecosystems in support of social entrepreneurs. He wants to study different types of ecosystems and levels, including research on exemplary supportive ecosystems already operating.


His research will cover several places in Latin America (Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia), which are ideal settings to see evidence of the most pressing social challenges and where a lot of work is needed for supporting social entrepreneurs.

Claudia Alba Ortuño

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Ph.D. student (2018-2022)
International support for enterprises in the BOP


Claudia has been working on the international support for enterprises at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP). She is working on vulnerable entrepreneurs from an ecosystem/international point of view. 

Jason Roncancio

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Ph.D. student (2017-2021)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Jason seeks to position the university in the scientific literature on entrepreneurship and innovation, as an agent of positive sustainable development, considering its various theoretical and practical aspects.


He has been studying individual factors that determine entrepreneurial behavior, non-commercial entrepreneurship ,technology transfer issues, and business aspects of innovation in knowledge transfer. 


Anne Wagner

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Master student (2019-2021)

Communications & Media 


Anne is currently finalizing her studies with a focus on digital media and public relations. She is passionate about how communication management can promote an organization’s message for social change and seized the opportunity to join the SE Chair Team as an intern to gain valuable experience hands-on.

Nadia Maribel Camacho Santos

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Master student (2020-2022)

Educational Sciences


Winny Maisyarah

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Master student (2020-2021)



Winny has enthusiasm in social projects and education for underprivileged children.  She has been active doing volunteeringship related to those topics for years and currently joined the SE Chair Team as an intern to broaden her knowledge in managing and expanding small to medium business that has positive impact on society.


Researchers abroad

Romel Brun



Joint PhD student on "Sustainable business models at the Bottom of the Pyramid " between UCB, Bolivia and VUB, Belgium.

Jorge Salas Vargas

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Joint Ph.D. student on "Developing entrepreneurial competencies at Bottom of the Pyramid " between UCB, Bolivia and VUB, Belgium. His previous research had a focus on Economic growth and economic development models using DSGE and SVAR. He is also interested in research are related to quantitative methods in Business and  Big Data in business applications.

Andrea Gabriela Samaniego Diaz


Joint PhD student on "Frugile Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid" between ESPOL, Ecuador and VUB, Belgium

Neda Muzho



Joint PhD student on "Green Energy" between UNWE,Bulgaria and VUB, Belgium

Founding Partners

Olivier Vanden Eynde

Founder & Managing Director

Close The Gap

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Charlotte Shaw

CSR Manager



Martine Hendrickx



 BNP Paribas Fortis


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