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Leziana Blloku

During the past three months, the amazing team of the Chair provided me with an incredible growing experience. Being one of the Chair’s Intern, put me for the first time in contact with highly ambitious social entrepreneurs and the challenges they faced in pursuit of their vision. My colleagues always welcomed my opinions and made me feel respected while involving me in various key activities with great responsibility. I would strongly recommend joining the team

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Iolanda de Souza Barreira

Working for the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship as an intern was a great opportunity to get to learn and be more in contact with the challenging world of social entrepreneurs. I had the possibility to help the Chair and some projects on developing innovative and sustainable solutions for their business ideas. A rewarding experience!


Anne Wagner

Whilst wrapping up my master's in communication studies, I was looking for an opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practice and still maintaining time for my academic obligations.  The VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship has been a perfect match in acquiring valuable professional experience in corporate management, copywriting, and various administrative duties.


Most importantly, my colleagues always made me feel respected and valued in the team while persistently motivating me to give my all. The last four months have been a very rewarding experience, and I would recommend this internship to any fresh graduate.”


Cédric Piens

I started doing my internship after a solid two years of volunteering for the Chair.  Working as an intern provided me with  an amazing growing experience, participating to a wide range of diverse activities,  receviing responsibilities and getting involved in the dynamics of the chair's incredible team. I can only  highly recommend.