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ELANET logo contest and website domain vote (Nov-2020)

In October 2020, the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship announced that we were looking for creative people with the mission to give our passion project ELANET an identity. Such identity should be established through a memorable logo reflecting the distinctiveness, but also the universal essence of our partners all across Latin America and Europe. To put this into realisation, participants received guidelines regarding the colour palette, and specific keywords to keep in mind yet were left unrestricted to experiment and be creative.   


By the 3rd November, we had received five unique submissions from Alejandra Paola Comas Marrugo, Karen Levy Weissman, Jaxir Diaz Salcedo, Sebastián Alejandro Zapata Arias, and Edgar David Rincón Quijano. All the logo proposals had their own unique charm; thus, open voting by the VUB and CESA was launched to let you, the people, decide which logo would suit the ELANET identity best. Furthermore, we asked you to vote for the future web domain name for the big launch of our website.  

An incredible 2.073 people had voted and shared their opinion on the future ELANET logo and domain name! It was a close call, and Alejandra Paola Comas Marrugo could be determined as the winner with 744 votes. Her timeless design conveys a message of support towards community spirit, strength and development, represented in a tree connecting us all. Additionally, was chosen as the future domain name at 1.171 votes.  

We would like to thank all the people who took their time to cast their vote, but especially the designers who invested time and energy into their logos. At ELANET, we believe in community spirit, equal opportunity and diversity, thus we could never realise our vision without the aid and support from everyone.  


Additionally, we would like to announce that the yearly VUB Social Entrepreneurship Fair will take place on the 24th November 2020 from 6PM-8PM. The event will take place through an online event with the fantastic and inspiring speakers Franco Prontera from Too Good to Go (Belgium), Perrine de le Court from Ashoka (Belgium), and Maxime Evens from PSMC (Belgium). We are looking forward to meet everyone there and have thought provoking discussions.  

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