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Francqui Inauguration (held in Dutch) and Seminars (held in English)

  • The Francqui inauguration talk took place on 09/03/2018. There is a fine article to be read about this, right here (in Dutch) or here (in English).

  • The first lecture discussed WEconomy and changing trends, on 30/03/2018.

You can find the PowerPoint presentation here.

  • The second lecture discussed Business Models in Transition, on 27/04/2018.

You can find the PowerPoint presentation here.

About the Emile Francqui chair

"The Francqui Foundation sponsors several Francqui Professorships (or Francqui Assistant Professorships) at Belgian Universities for a period of three years, possibly renewable once. The purpose of the Francqui Foundation is to encourage the prestige of disinterested fundamental research. It also provides Belgian scholars and scientists with indisputable moral support. The statutes clearly state that its objective is « to further the development of higher education and scientific research in Belgium »."

(source: Francqui Foundation)

Francqui Professor- Prof. Dr. Jan Jonker

Jan Jonker is Professor of Sustainable Enterpreneurship at the Radboud University (Nijmegen School of Management) in Nijmegen (NL).


His work focuses on the development of three closely related themes:

  • The emergence of the WEconomy based on a set of seven interrelated trends that change society and the economy

  • The development of a new generation of business models geared towards sustainability, the ‘community’, and the circular economy.

  • The exploration and development of value transaction systems based on more than money alone. The latter is referred to as ‘Hybrid Banking’.


In 2015, he gave a TEDx that briefly explains and interrelates these three concepts.


Since then, he has been engaged in a variety of (research) projects. He will use the opportunity of the Chair Emile Francqui at VUB to elaborate on these concepts during three seminars open to students and the wider public.

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